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Established in 1981, Knowledge Computers has grown to become the largest stocking supplier of Refurb/Used Cisco in all of Canada. Knowledge Computers offer unparalleled service to many Fortune 500 Corporations, small and medium sized companies, as well as fellow resellers and individual end-users of networking equipment.
Website: www.knowledgecomputers.net

Solution: Customization CRM
Featured: Order Tracking Module / Services Contract Tracking Module
Result: Improves Productivity (30%)   view of sales pipeline (50%)   Quotation generation (< 3 mins)

Global Ewaste Solutions was founded with the sole purpose of providing economical and environmentally friendly solutions for end of life IT assets. With the illegal exportation of e-waste becoming increasingly prevalent, it is difficult to know where exactly your old equipment ends up.
Website: www.globalewaste.net

Solution: easySales CRM
Result: Improves Productivity (30%)   view of sales pipeline (50%)   Quotation generation (< 3 mins)

Aegis’ focus on integrated building and engineering solutions has made it a leader in the general building contracting field. Since its inception, Aegis has delivered multitudes of solution for its clients. This has earned Aegis unrivalled reputation in the industry.
Website: aegis-be.com.sg

Solution: Customization CRM
Featured: Job completion Module / Activities tracking / Job Timeline Module
Result: Reduce Cost (15%)   Improves Productivity (30%)   view of sales pipeline (50%)   Manage Job tracking (< 5 mins)

NOTA ASIA PTE LTD is a business entity that focus in providing one stop and high tech solutions serving customers in the electronics manufacturing, research and development and FinTech industries. Established in 2006, NOTA aims to provide a platform for businesses to effectively and efficiently distribute and market their products.
Website: www.nota-asia.com

Solution: Customization CRM
Featured: Task Tracking Module / Activity Module
Result: Improves Productivity (30%)   view of sales pipeline (50%)   Day-to-day tasks Tracking (60%) Support business growth (20%)